I really feel so hopeless. I am sick of being afraid of everything – all of the time. Stuck here in this house. No license. No friends. No man in my life. No children. No Job. No place of my own. Stuck. I feel like I’m in a fish bowl, all alone……..looking out watching everyone else live and wishing I was, too.

4 thoughts on “Spiraling”

  1. I feel like that too most at times. I don`t know if this thought brings you any comfort but in my case, it made me realise that maybe it`s a normal state of mind. Like it`s not the end of the world neither it makes me a freak. It`s just what happened to us and maybe we can overcome it… I don`t know…

  2. Well, ask yourself this question: What do I want to do with my life?

    If you have no answers you’re going to sit there and do nothing all day. Today was a day where you could have done anything that you wanted, what did you do instead?

    Do you want a driver’s license? Why not take the steps required to getting one? What is holding you back?

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