Sunday…Turned out to be a good day. Went to breakfast with my babe.  After went to the casino for a bit,both won some.. Visit mom for a little while,then went to see the Rings. It was okay. We celebrated Valentine’s Day early with dinner. We both work and we know it will be impossible to get a table anywhere. My honey surprised me with a few gifts. Two boxes of candy and a stuffed red and black dog that says I heart U So Much across the side. I love him so much. I wanted to get him something but he says no because it’s for women. I’m one lucky woman. He is the most amazing man. Now laying in bed,while he sleeps. Waiting for the Walking Dead to return tonight. Yaaaaa! Couldn’t ask for  better day.

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  1. Happy Valentine’s Day. Yes you have to set your limit with the casino. I don’t spend alot I wouldn’t if I could afford it because most times you don’t win. I’ve learned. I love the Walking Dead. Daryl Fan !

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