What is love?

Some girl like jewelry. Some like nice dinners. Dates. Clothes. Flowers. Chocolates.

To me, that is all flash and show. An expectation thay society has placed on these men. To me, it means nothing. 

If he gives me flowers, they are potted orchids with maybe one bud just starting to open. I asked him why he bought them in bud. He said it’s because it’s a double surprise. First is the random orchid. Second is the bloom. 

He has picked flowers for me. I prefer that more because it takes time and having to pick the prettiest flower.

He has gotten me car parts or computer parts. Stuff I want and need. 

This weekend, love came in a coyote carcass. You read that right. We live in the woods. There is all sorts of dead stuff. I love dead shit! I like to clean the bones and use them as puzzles. I tan hides of rabbits I have processed. I process meat for some friends, get paid and get to keep the furs.

So, last week I see a vulture munching on something…it’s this coyote. I figure I will keep an eye on it, I want it but want nature to clean it up as much as possible. Yesterday was beautiful! I asked King if he wanted to go for a walk. He said sure. I told him we were going to need a bucket and gloves. He gave me a look. I told him about my find. He doesn’t bat an eye.  He isn’t into the dead stuff but he supports my morbid hobbies. 

What is love? For me, it is supporting your partner. Even if it means carrying a decomposing carcass…

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