AGB #3

As human beings, we base our decisions mainly on the way we feel, our emotions and feelings take over our mind and that is how some of us make decisions. We also make decisions based on reason and logic, we analyze and make sure that what we are doing is because it makes us happy or in other words, it simply makes sense to us. Some may make decisions or act based on what they feel is right and that not necessarily means that it makes them happy but that it gives them the sense of obligation and therefore they must stick to their decisions.

Consequences often has a major impact on our decisions making because we fear that if we make a simple mistake that the outcome will be a negative one, nobody wants to face consequences or have a negative outcome based on the actions they chose to follow. People make certain choices because they fear that they will get in trouble with the law, or they fear that they will seem unethical or someone that has no sense of moral or values. Rules make us think before we act or speak so it becomes more of a principle rather than it always being a rule for us, we get used to the rules that placed on us and it becomes a part of our lifestyle.

What really caught my attention on this week’s module was the In The News subject which chimps are being used for testing on hepatitis C. Chimps are being injected with Hep C so that they can discover a medication for humans to cure hepatitis c. hepatitis C is a deadly infection that is caused by a virus that attacks the liver and it leads to inflammation. Scientist claim that it does not harm the chimps and also they do not experience pain, what they feel is the soreness/ pain they would feel like when they play rough with other chimps. But how do they know that? It is very wrong to force animals in general not only chimps to be used on testing for our own benefit, they do have feelings too, and they feel all the pain that it is produced from all the testing that is given to them.

I found a story from 2011, about a chimp named Katrina, she was 9 months old when she was taken from her family, and was taken to a lab in New York City for animal testing. Her home was a cage, and she was infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV. When she reached 15 years of age, she had been sedated 268 times, and several times had a needle pushed into her abdominal area to take live samples and was never given any medication for the pain she endured after waking up from being sedated. She even had to be revived once because she went into respiratory arrest when sedated.

How is it that a chimp was ripped from her family at just 9 months old. It is like if we were to take a 9-month-old child from a family just because we wanted to run some tests that will benefit the world. Animals have feelings too, they have families, and just because we do not understand the way they communicate it does not give us the right to just take animals away from their homes when we feel like it. I do understand that they use chimps because they are so similar to us, but what I do not understand is why aren’t scientist testing on humans instead, I mean humans are the ones getting hepatitis C, so why inject it into an innocent animal that doesn’t have hepatitis C .

Animal cruelty is not okay, and we do not have the right to mistreat, abuse, and pretty much kill animals due to animal testing. There are plenty of people in jail that will never get out, that are sitting in jail being fed, and are provided with clothes and food, that tax payers are paying for. I rather have an animal being free and happy in their own habitat and have a child molester or a murdered being tested for cosmetics or diseases. It makes more sense to me to have someone that made people suffer, that is a danger to our society be tested for our benefit, he is human, he is 100% identical to us, less people in jail, equals to having tax money put into our country, and not people that are just wasting money and space in jail.

According to PETA, each year more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories for testing, experiments, chemical, food, drug, and cosmetic testing. Causes or death include, being forced to inhale toxic fumes, being immobilized in restraint devices for hours, some have holes drilled into their skulls, other animals have their skin burned off. This is wrong in so many levels. In the module it states that human beings have the possibility to thrive as a loving community and that we have a stronger maternal instinct than animals do, meaning that humans will care for another human being no questions asked.
It is important that we keep fighting for animal rights. We do not have the right to burn down their homes because we need more space or a bigger mall, we do not have the right to take them away from their homes. Humans are supposed to reason, and have principles, where did they all go? It is inhumane to treat species on our planet with violence for our own benefit. We live in a world full of chaos because over the years humans have become more selfish and act like we do not need natural resources to survive. Which in fact we do, we are wiping ourselves out pretty quickly. If we do not learn how to love our planet again, and take care of our natural resources and animals we will have nothing left.

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  1. This is SO SAD!!! What if we woke tomorrow and we were no longer the dominant species of the world. Also, what if the new dominant species started testing on us the exact same way. Would it be ok then?! We are the supreme pestilence of the world! That is our true title…sadly. All our intelligence, It is useless, wasted. Not for the greater good of all things upon this earth. That is one thing for sure

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