Day 351 – Ushering and sick

Sunday, February 12th 2017

Ugh. I’m sick.

I went to church today, and I was the usher. I basically greeted people and gave them the pamphlets, which I did not like, because usually you shake people’s hand, say good morning and then give the pamphlet, but sometimes, they just want the pamphlet. Both gestures are the same, so… Yeah, for an awkward and shy person like me, not fun.

I also passed the basket and that went well. The service felt so short, cause I was panicking about if I will be passing the communion, even though I knew only members of the church who were baptised could. Luckily that was the case, but I still kinda passed it. I just went to the back where some adults were either working in the office, teaching kids or babysitting them to give it to them.

The rest was fine, it was mostly checking around, seeing if everyone was okay and if no one suddenly fainted or something out of no where.

People were glad to see me, since I’m the first young person to usher (which is funny, cause I’m the less likely to do it). They also didn’t recognize me at first, because of my haircut. Some people I met before came up and introduced themselves to me, and when I said my name they would do an “oh!” and laugh. They also liked my hair. I kinda like it now. I think once I get to stylize it myself, so tomorrow, I’ll like it more.

Megg texted me asking if we could talk, but after that morning, wasn’t feeling it.

I spent the rest of the day drawing and playing The ARK. I kept dying in it and my drawing wasn’t working. I was trying to find a good style for human characters. I think I know which style I wanna go for, I just have to practice it.

I’m pretty sure it’s a snow day tomorrow + I’m fairly certain I’m sick anyway cause of an awful runny nose, sneezing and tiredness.

That’s all for today.



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