I feel… I’m not sure. I’m just kind of meh. I’m not happy. And I’m not really sad. I’m not good. But I’m not bad. I’m not fine. I am less than fine. And on the low side of neutral. I don’t know. It might be in part because of the seasonal depression thing and because I want to get out and walk again. It is because of my weigh and food issues. It is because of my relationship issues. It is because I’m a horrible person with horrible thought and wishes. 

One thought on “Meh”

  1. That kind of writing is definitely depression. I’ve written in a similar style:

    “Today was a productive day even though my overall mood throughout the whole day was unenergetic and everything felt purposeless. Imagine an emotional scale with neutral in the center, happy in the above range, and depressed in the bottom range. I was in the bottom range pretty much the entire day, and I still am as I type this, but today was overall a good day logically.” – Me, Journal Day 106

    It’s temporary though.

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