Shock and smiles.

Chismin stayed over again. This time, he made his way to my bed before I fell asleep (I kind of invited him). That’s where I asked him why he kissed me.

“Oh, er, Because, I’ve kinda wanted to do it for a whiiilee..” He grinned. I grinned back, and he asked why I kissed him. I was all blushes. I think that’s what he wanted, because he just stared at me with this knowing smile.

I told him I’ve wanted to do it for a while, too, and he took my hand. He snuggled up to me.

Something about that moment made me feel like I’ve known him for years. It felt so easy to say it. So I did. “I love you”.

For a bit, he just looked at me. His turn to blush, and my turn to smile. He took both my hands, which were buried under the blanket. “I love you too”, he whispered. I exploded internally.

Skip to the next day, and we’re both all smiles. We stayed in bed in one giant cuddle for a while. I felt this warm sensation in my chest the entire time, like the whoop. Except.. the whoop wasn’t there anymore. Only the nice warm feeling. Everything felt like.. a big puffy cloud.

I think we’re dating. I asked Chismin, and he just giggled.

“You’re silly”, he told me, and kissed my cheek, “Yeah we are!”

I couldn’t have been more happy at that very moment. I let out this yell-laugh? Like the whoop in auditory form. 

This is great. He’s great. Everything is just great, great great great. The cloud feeling won’t go away, even after he left for the day. I feel like dancing.

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