Should I ask him out?

Ok, so valentines is veryyy near! And well, valentine haven’t really been anything special to me ever, but now I guess its a good time to ask my crush out. 

The first time I met him was when I was visitting the school im hoping to attend. He was one of the leaders of the group I was in. Yes, he is 2 years older than me (but he literally looks like he is my age, shorter than the others and well nothing too mature about him, got that kind of geeky vibe i guess). Unfortunetly, when I was there, I was sick. I was moody, and I did not want to talk to anyone at all. The first impression he has of me is basiclly “silent, shy, emo, depressed”, im not any of those though (ok maybe silent, very silent). But still, I was just having a bad day! He havent seen the very talkative and interessting person I can be. Even though he probably has forgotten me already.. well well, got to do something about that If i want shit to happen. 

But yes, it’s valentines soon! Maybe I should just jump out of my little “what if” zone and just say hi and invite him out to hang? I know he is single. And Im pretty sure he isnt a douche. We like the same music, and maybe games, stuff in common i think?

But if i ever were to ask him out and act like a normal person. How do I hang with him, AND avoid my weird ass anxiety without looking like a freak? Like if we hang, then we have to eat something (to be normal), and well im super scared of restaurants because I don’t know what will happen or what to do… And I cant go to a store and buy something because Im scared of buying stuff in the counter. So asking him to do it for me would just be very weird. Talking, no problem. Doing shit, problem.

But heey, this will probably never happen. Its like soon to be 3am, I am very tired but not tired? So my brain gets creative and lovely and I’ll probably read this tomorrow and be like “hell nah”

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  1. Ya DO IT!! You went to prom right? (I haven’t been reading everything, but I know you bought a dress and everything last time)

    This is another event for you to do while you’re young. NO REGRETS!

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