I have these stupid zits on the left side of my face and they’re really inflamed. They actually hurt when I touch them. It’s terrible.
Got a 95% on my English test. Hailey went home after second period because she started bleeding. I don’t know what happened. But that’s that.

Gym class was offensively bad. I had to practice throwing the ball in the basket with these two other girls which both cause me slight inferiority complex. They both have almost perfect grades. I am better at some things than them though. They don’t even look that crazy good. One of them has a horrible voice. It’s probably their confidence that gets me.Also, this girl was just standing looking sick as hell and her stupid friend kept yelling and running around the whole hall, “Professor, professor!”. When our idiot teacher, who is actually an ok guy but I can’t stand him, heard her, it turned out that she was asking permission to go to the bathroom on behalf of her friend who was about to throw up. And the whole show wasn’t short, no. This girl had probably puked in her own mouth 73 times by the time the teacher gave them permission. 

When I came home I made hummus. Around 6 I went to this restaurant with Mum and Dad. It’s not an amazing restaurant but the food was alright. All of us ordered off the same Valentine’s Day menu. There was also a buffet with desserts and salads. After a bunch of desserts, some more mediocre than others, I had coffee. They day before I had actually had three cups of coffee and thought my stomach and heart were going to explode. They haven’t yet.
Studied Biology. What even are lichens? I seriously can’t take it anymore. This subject is sucking the soul out of me. I don’t want to know about mushrooms and shit like that. I almost never eat them, let alone PICK them in a forest or something. If I had some poisonous one by accident or something, I’d probably feel nauseous and my stomach would be dying but that’s every day for me anyway so…I really could not care less about mushrooms. Tried to study Chemistry. What even are enthalpies?
Also, I have changed the language on my phone to French. It has made my life 376 times more difficult.

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