Day 17

so today is valentines day and im upset. I hate valentines day! I have the best girlfriend that anyone could ask for. eve though i do have a girlfriend I just still dont like it! i think its stupid and useless and just an excuse for all the guys in the world to spend 1000 dollors on chocolate and stuffed bears that are more expensive on this one day just to make a girl happy. first of all, if your dating someone they should make you happy everyday. you shouldnt have to wait for febuary 14th every year to make her happy.  i dont even know why its concidered a holiday!! i bet 99.9 % of people dont know why either. its just really stupid and i wish we could just skip this day all together!! also my gf, knowing that i hate valentines day she bought me a song. this means that in one of my classes today a group of people are going to go to the class and sing me a song….!!!!the fuck!!??!?!!? no!!! i dont want that!! i also hate being the center of attention. uuuggghhhhhh

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