day – 18 happy? or sad?

did anyone watch the grammys?? they were so bad!! this is the first year i watched them all the way through and i didnt like it!! it was so bad! i hated it!! it was just really boring and like wasnt interesting! im feeling really negitive today. i hope i can change that… idk. its just one of those days i guess. shit i have to got to class and im sad now! :/ i put on makeup yesterday adn it looked really good and then i tryed to put some on agian today and t looks horrible i feel like! i cant ever have something go my way without it getting ruined right after. like i also had a really great day yesterady and then i got home and i got all sad and overwhelmed and anxous and it was horrible and i ended up crying and it wasnt good. why cant something just be good??? and stay that way for a bit? then u can fuck with me but for rn  just leave it!!

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