I can’t help but miss him a lot. My ex, dating for two years was the longest I had ever dated anyone. He was also my first. While I had my first love and my heart got broken, love comes again when you least expect it and least ask for it.

     Love is spontaneous and sneaky. You not only think of that person, they can become almost an obsession and almost drive you crazy. Everything, from the habits that might have once annoyed you to the little things they do, only make you fall in love with them even more. They make your heart ache and flutter simultaneously and they turn your world upside down and inside out without even needing to do the work. Yet they also bring so many feelings, especially your first love, you experience feelings and emotions you never experienced before and some to an extent you never realized was possible.

     They become your priority. And if, by chance, you happen to fall in love with someone who once treated you good but now treats you badly, you go against every moral you ever created for yourself, for love. You plan to leave a person if they treat you badly, but that never works, because you can love them even when they treat you badly. It’s something that can be both painful and an incredibly loving feeling to so many people at the same time. When you leave someone, I like to say it’s best to hang onto the good memories and remember what that person brought to your life and all the moments spent together.

     Why they were special. When you fall out of love, I was told it’s best to remember why you fell in love with that person in the first place and to focus on the little things you admire or love about them. Even if all fails, it’s a good experience and it’s best to make sure not a single memory is forgotten or wasted, even if it’s painful at first. It only get’s better with time.

“Love has always been a tough love.”

    Something about valentines day just makes me feel warm inside, it makes my heart feel light and it gives me chills just thinking about it. I received a rose from my father and my mother got  a batch, which made me realize that valentines is not just about a couples romance, but also about love in general.

    Valentines day isn’t “couples day” or “Hey-I’m-not-single-Day”, or even “I’m-still-single-so-please-be-my-boyfriend-because-I-don’t-want-to-be-alone-on-Valentines-Day, Day.” It’s a day when love is in the air, a day when love can surround not only the couples that enjoy celebrating by going out for a fancy dinner or spending time together, it’s also about the love surrounding family and friends.

     While some people say their alone on Valentines day, you are never truly alone because someone will always love you or at least think of you.

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