Monday finally got my app working!

12:32 AM now but it’s so worth staying up late tonight. I just got the my first React app with WordPress API working. Well, it’s not really an app more like an static webpage but getting all content from WP API. The important thing is that I understand how things are working to get this set up! So glad to see this happen! still have a lot more to go but finally feel like I have achieved something.

Word was pretty busy still closing cards and took some time to catch up with the theme implementation. Only thing I know for sure is that it will take much more time to get done and I’m getting more other project to work on. Gotta do something to get that done faster. Worked till little bit over 6 then took a Jolie’s car to home with Nikita then went to Korean grocery market for dinner. I had a korean food at the food court there with Nikita then shopping at the grocery market. Just bought some snacks for Jeff and Jolie and dropped them off on the way back. Back home, took a shower then spent rest of the day digging React. Kind of excited and can’t wait to use this on the project at work. This will make our product much better. Well, gotta stop writing and go to sleep. Goodnight all!

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