Racoon on the road

It’s mid-February, but outside it feels like New England in the spring time. The air feels like a cool blast of silk. The sky has that extra bright blue tone to it. I could stare at the clouds all day.

The Man and I had a pre-Valentine’s Day date this afternoon before we went to work. We pigged out on the most delicious, mouth watering chinese food. The coversation betweened us flowed so well. I genuinely enjoy his company. 

Afterwards he had to go to work. Lucky me had the day off. When the kids got home from school Snooch got invited over her friend’s house. Her friend lives about 45 ninutes away. I didn’t have to drive her there though, just home.

With Snooch gone, I took Deedee and Bobo to Game Stop. Bobo saves up his chore money for video games. While we were there I bought Deedee a new copy of Skyrim because our copy is broken and some how didn’t have scratch protection on it.

On the drive to pick up Snooch, we drove through some deep country roads. A racoon ran right out in front of the car. I tried to swerve to avoid it… but it disappeared under my car. I am not sure if I hit it or not. I didn’t feel a thump or anything so that’s promising. I wanted to stop… but… it is a racoon. What could I do for it? I could put it in the car and bring it to the vet’s, but Deedee was worried about rabies. 

On the way back I looked for it. I didn’t see it. There was no sign of the racoon. So its either in the woods injured and I feel terrible or it escaped certain death.

Now it is time for some tv and the scrumptious left overs from lunch.

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