Shopping/School/Exercise/Mom-daughter time?-2/13/17- 4:50 PM

      I just had the most wonderful idea today! Possibly might end badly if she suddenly isn’t in the mood for it. Even-though me and my mother fight a bit, and sure, shes not the greatest mother(no one can really be the greatest), I’ve learned a few things that REALLY make her happy; shopping, horses, and probably romantic films. While I probably can’t give her a horse and I’m not much a fan of romantic films, I decided shopping might be a good idea.

      A while back, my mother and I went to Ross(I think), anyways, we got some super good deals!A ton of clothing and shoes for close to three hundred all combined. Since I have some birthday money I decided it might be a good idea to split what I have between us and that way we can spend some time together. I’m just hoping it goes alright, sometimes she can be grumpy, but she’s not all that bad when she’s in her element.

While I feel sorta chubby since I just started working out yesterday and today, the weight is still very much apparent(I probably gained ten pounds..), which I wouldn’t tell anyone if they knew who I was, I just decided maybe a pair of shoes(I love shoes), or dresses(Love dresses too) sound good. Nothing huge. Clothing makes me feel so pretty to be honest(Until I realize I’m still that chubby girl, just in a new pair of heels(That’s when I go for a new top))

I’m feeling a bit better today, especially since I’m sleeping for at least eight hours every night due to some herbal supplement based pills for anxiety. I feel a bit more refreshed too. Exercise really does a lot of work to make me happy.

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