The Green “Creature” Bench

A bench. It’s as simple as a single raindrop falling from the sky. We sit on them to make ourselves feel less tired. We read on them because it’s a safe spot to not be bothered. We see them in different shades. From dark to mossy.

One day a woman sat down on a slighty dark wood bench that was starting to become overcome by moss. She was the only one that would sit on the bench. Nobody else would. As people walked by her they would stare at her just reading her book not bothered by the fact that there was a green grass “creature” growing on the bench next to her.

She just politely sat on the bench, set her purse next to her, pulled out a book and started to read.

After about 2 hours have gone by a man walks by. He looks at her, but not like the others. He has a sparkle in his eyes. One the couldn’t be explained unless you were standing next to him watching. He looked at her as if he had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel.

As he walked by you could tell he was thinking about something with strong intent. He stopped half way down the path and turned around. As he reached the bench you saw the man talk a large breath and sit down next to the woman. Instead of a book, or a phone, or anything at all, the man just sat there watching the birds float by and the people wander around the bench.

When the woman looked up she was surprised to find a strange man next to her. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Someone was actually sitting on the bench not bothered by the green “creature”.

She just smiled and continued reading her book.

As the day went by, she realized what time it was and started to pack up her things to leave. The man who was still sitting next to her wasn’t sure what to do. He was baffled that for the past hour he had sat there doing nothing. Not even making a sound or move.

“Excuse me miss” he said

“Yes?” she replied

“Is there anyway we could meet her at the same time tomorrow?” he asked her with hope in his eyes

“Well, sure. I don’t see why not.” she said with a smile

As they parted ways the man was extatic about the next day, but what he didnt know was something he would never understand.

The woman walked about worried about what he may think, something was happening in the morning that she was so scared about that nothing could prepare he for it….



To Be Continued…

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