Woke up a bit earlier to revise Biology which didn’t happen. 
Got our Physics test results. I got an F.
Made some salad and soup, then chicken breasts. Did French homework, studied Chemistry. Went to the shop with my Dad. We bought oatmeal, cheese, chicken (naturally), pens, a notebook, Big Red chewing gum and a shirt for my sister. Big Red tastes orgasmic for the first 45 seconds, and for the first 45 seconds only. That’s how long the flavour lasts.
Printed the exam schedule for this semestre. Filled in my planner according to the schedule. Packed my schoolbag. Made a sandwich. Studied chemistry some more. Asked my American friend for help. Then studied English till 11:30.
Tomorrow I have my DELF oral exam. I believe it will go just fine.

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