We often do not realize that we often look for the good in people, the good in situations and pretty much look for the good in everything. We are born full of innocent and new to this world, all we know is love and affection from the second we are born. Our mothers give us nothing but love and everything that is given to us is all positive. They devout their lives to make us happy and protect us from all bad things. we grow up in a positive environment, so, we grow up always seeing or looking the good into everything.

A child’s innocence is so pure and golden. we grow up and we bump into bad situations and evil people but that is part of life. A strong person won’t let any of that get in the way of being a good person. Honesty, courage, loyalty and many other positive qualities is what builds a good, strong character in a person. Having good qualities helps keep the environment full of positivity even when people are having a bad day.

Some people believe that when lying to someone just to make them happy isn’t necessarily a part of virtue ethics. Being dishonest or betraying someone to make other people happy is more of what utilitarian people would do because they think that that’s the right thing to do. They don’t see that by hurting someone else in order to make other people happy isn’t ethical for virtue ethics. We have to feel the goodness and have the genuine urge to help people, whether it is by giving a friend advice, or by just saying good morning to a stranger. the point is that we need to feel genuine about things that we do to help others and to help our selves as

we all have quite different roles in our lives. I didn’t think of it like that until I read the part of Ren and Li on the module. I came to realize that we have so many different roles in life. Like myself, I have the role of a daughter, friend, sister, wife, mother, and a role as an enemy as well. I feel like all roles are very important and they all come with some type of boundary no matter the role we have. As a daughter I know that I have to respect her no matter what the situation and I know my place that as a daughter my mother, she is in other words my protector and my guidance in life. as a friend and a sister , those roles are pretty similar, your friends and siblings often run to the person they trust for advice and comfort. As a mother I naturally have a maternal instinct towards my child. I care and nurture him, I protect him and make sure I guide him on the right path.

All humans tend to have their own goals that they want to achieve in life. And when people set their own goals is to improve in life and that is a positive trait. we all have goodness in us, but we often tend to block that out and not let people see that we are good because some people often take advantage of kind hearted people. we like to portray and show others that we are not good people because those who are selfish tend to take advantage and hurt those who are kind.

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