I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time

God, I really feel terrible. I was sound asleep but my doggy woke me up as she had to go potty outside and so I had to unhook my bi-pap machine and take her out. Now I’m feeding one of our cats her vet prescription diet food. And so of course the other girl cat is pissed and trying to interfere. The other girl cat is disgusting. Really. My mother picked her out. She’s mean. She’s a bully to the other pets. All she does is eat. Her stomach looks like a gigantic bowling ball. And yet my kitty is the one on prescription food. Ugh. Anyway I just feel so terrible between worrying about my pets, worrying about the future and stressing about the present I just am never okay unless I’m super absorbed in a tv show or a movie. I forgot to mention missing the past and replaying it all over and over in my mind 24.7 🙁

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