My Journey is Beginning

I can not count the amount of times my mother told me to live my life for me. Not to worry about having a man or being alone in my twenties. To be honest, I always let it go in one ear and out the other. Not because I didn’t respect her, I just knew that I hated laying down alone at night. I wanted to experience life with an individual who enjoyed the exploration part of life as much as me. Someone I could sit in the rocking chairs with discussing all of our crazy adventures we had in life with our grandkids. 


Recently, I came to the conclusion that my mother was speaking from experience. She settled down at such a young age with the same dreams. Unfortunately, life happened. They had more bills, kids, and jobs that demanded more hours. Ultimately, both my parents stopped chasing their dreams and exploring life. Life started to swallow them. Before they knew it, they were divorced in their 40’s regretting every missed opportunity. I refuse to let that happen to me. 

For now on, I will no longer be chasing love. I will be chasing the soul inside myself. I will be exploring and taking grand adventures. Growing in knowledge and culture, so that when fait finally decides to place me in front of the man I am meant to be with I will be completely content with my life. Able to give him all of me.  




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