No one gives a flying fuck anyway

that’s that… No one gives a fuck… No fucks were given… If anything they were taken and thrown away…

clean the entire house with sciatica? Sure ill do that… Stand at the sink doing everyone else’s dishes? Sure ill do that too… Make everyone dinner and cups of tea while also silently losing my mind be a use you have all taken the piss out of me by ignoring me all fucking day? Sure ill do that too and all this while everyone else is sat there… Doing nothing… Not one singular offer of help or even one word of conversation for that matter…. So I give up… I’ve had enough… I am D-O-N-E.

I am never doing anything for anyone that I didn’t give birth to ever again because lets face it… Grown up humans fucking stink…


2 thoughts on “No one gives a flying fuck anyway”

  1. I read it, was like reading one of my own posts lol, saggy hairy sheep balls is what they suck my dear great big ones :/ the amount of times I have really had to use all my energy to stop myself from throat punching someone has been fucking exhausting -_- x

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