The rants of a stay at home mom.

it seems the more shit I do for my family, the more ungreatful and dependent on me they become. Except for my kiddo y’all r grown ass ppl why the fuck do I need to clean up after y’all. In the mornings after ive done run everyone where they need to be. Which sometimes starts as early as 3am because we only have one car I get the pleasure of driving and picking up 3 ppl throughout the day on top of the seamlessly endless job of cleaning then making dinner for these ungreatful ppl. Don’t get me wrong I love my family but times like yesterday I want to line each and everyone of them up and throat punch them.. I make a special dinner had the house clean even made cupcakes with their names on it..what did I get for vday..nothing not 1 damn thing…not a homemade card not a store bought card not 1 fucking thing…not even a thank u for the shit or doing…that pissed me off and has rolled over to today where I wake up at 6 and start my morning routine of running everyone everywhere to beer cans and wrappers and all kinda fun shit that I now have the pleasure of cleaning because if I don’t it will literally sit there for a week untouched.. I know I tested this theory. So I irrated today and my bf has the nerve to ask what wrong…fuck u…just fuck u. I didn’t even get laid on vday that’s fucking the most common thing on vday and I did not even get that. Its no wonder I feel neglected geez. I literally have sex 4 timers a month.. That also makes me feel desired. I have no friends to vent to, so I’m venting in an online journal where I hope honestly he sees it, it wouldn’t change things though, when I tell him what hez doing wrong he starts yelling at me he won’t listen long enough to understand why I acting the way I am.

3 thoughts on “The rants of a stay at home mom.”

  1. Preaching to the choir here sister… I’ve spent all day cleaning up after every fucker and has one of them (except the kids) said thanks? Have they fuck…. They haven’t even so much as offered me a cup of tea but if we don’t do anything?
    Well fuck me hell breaks loose and the sky starts falling! They would be screwed if people like us went on strike I tell ya x

  2. They would and I’d sit back with my glass of women as their world falls apart dude…its stupid grown ass ppl rely so much on one person then wonder y we r pissed all the time, I’m there to catch each one of them when they fall or need help…who catches me who’s there for me..noone

  3. Same here hun, everytime my life falls to shit its all, aww pick yourself up only you can do it but god forbid you give the same fucking stupid advice to some one else -_- there’s not enough wine in the world for the shit we would get to watch if we stopped!

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