Ok, this is my 4th time trying to write this. Let’s see if it works. Also, it will be a little different since I’ve had time to think more. 

I got home yesterday and my husband had a stuffed bear for me and a stuffed dog for my daughter. I made a comment that my daughters dog was cuter. My husband said they don’t make stuffed animals like they used to. That those were the 2 cutest ones there. I had been at a store before I got home and had the same issue. I wanted to get a stuffed tiger for my daughter but it wasn’t very cute either. I asked where he went and after he told me I said he could have went to the other store a bit down the road. He said he didn’t have time because he left at quarter to 2 and had to get back in time for the school bus. I asked why he left so late and he said he had to finish his game so he could trade it in for a new one. 

Now, I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, but this one really bothered me. It’s not the funny looking bear. It’s that it would be nice to be thought of first. He had enough time to beat his game and take it in to get a new one, but he didn’t have enough time to find something that yelled me. He just settled for the 2nd cutest thing at the first store he went to. He had off all day Monday and Tuesday but couldn’t find the time. 

This may sound like I’m making a bigger deal out of it than I should, but it happens all the time. He thinks about himself first and maybe me later and it’s depressing. 

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