Wednesday February 15th

Another crazy ass day. We are having testing again all fucking morning, and then I have all 4 of my regular classes in the afternoon, so I don’t get out of teaching at all AND I lose my planning time to proctor the test all morning. This is horrible. I got an interview offer yesterday from a high school in Brooklyn. I said yes to the interview. I don’t have it scheduled yet. I do have an interview for a science position in Queens on Monday morning. It’s a middle school. I have got to get a DOE job. This place is fucking insane. Right now, they are still trying to settle the kids down to take that math mock exam. It’s 9:26 and they were going to start at 9. I don’t at all blame the children for the bad behavior. They are doing what kids are supposed to do; test the boundaries. The problem is the lack of setting AND enforcing the boundaries by the adults here. I am going to keep my mouth shut and just find a DOE job. This place is not at all what the web site makes it out to be. That’s all about marketing. It’s a looney bin up in here. No one is certified- including about 1/2 of the principals. WTF? How is that possible? 

I am still checking Tinder daily. I have not had anyone show any real interest in meeting me. There does seem to be a more educated group than I had in Kentucky. There are more never married, no kids, too.  I would love to have someone in my life that I could talk to and someone to just hug me. 

I got my tax refund today and I got another paycheck from FCPS – still my full amount. That makes 3 checks I’ve gotten since I left. They have to run out soon. I figure I’ll get a partial check as the last one. Right now, my money situation is good. 

If I get hired at DOE beginning next school year, I think I have to work 10 years to draw their retirement. That would make me 57, which is still younger than most people can retire. I will ask a lot of questions when I get hired. 


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