Spent about 8 hours at school. The DELF exam went fine. Can you guess when we get the results? Not in a week, not in a month, not in two months, but in fucking June. At least that’s what our teacher said. The Chem test that I was redoing went alright.
Last period I joined the English group for the first time. Me and three other people. I don’t hate my English teacher, but I had thought she was pretty uninterested in helping her students. Well, as soon as she walked in the classroom, she put a tray in front of us and asked, “Coffee or tea? What’s it gonna be?”. The first thing that went through my head was, “Is she getting this from the canteen? Do we have to pay for this? I don’t have any dough on me. If we have to pay, is she going to pay for mine? Does she love me that much? And if we don’t have to pay, why does the school have a stash of free drinks and food? I wonder what else they might be hiding in their secret, exclusive pantry.” Our choice of drinks turned out to be a collection of random teabags and instant coffee pouches that had been sitting in our teacher’s office for quite some time. I had Twings cinnamon and apple. We also had some wafers. The class went alright. I was sitting right next to this guy who won first place on that competition. He has terrible acne, I mean, I have terrible acne, but his are…sad. And his hair looks horrible. It’s long and greasy. I was thinking about how good he would look if he got a long quiff and just tried to fix his skin a little bit. He was annoying, anyway. He’d keep shouting the answers before the teacher even got to finish the question. I got home at 3:20. Made chicken with buckwheat. Spent the rest of my afternoon watching YouTube, listening to music and plucking my eyebrows. I plucked them to perfection. Also, I called a bookshop to ask if they had any Adrian Mole‘s. And they did! I’m getting a copy tomorrow.
Went to smoke and take a ten-minute walk at 9. Brushed my teeth, loaded the dishwasher, went to bed.
Tomorrow we have goddamn gym class again. Our teacher insists that we wear black leggings, not sweatpants. I don’t have any clean black leggings for tomorrow. So… Listen. I’m actually dying every Tuesday and Friday because of this bullshit. Gym class is just too stressful. There are balls flying everywhere, girls always laughing at something, the possibility to trip and fall in front of 60 people, the possibility to get hit in the head and the worst – the possibility to have to play volleyball. If there’s a hell, it’s just girls laughing at you because you can’t serve a ball right. And then you try to laugh it all off. But they still laugh and make jokes about you. And Satan is probably the one who says “Okay, she’s had enough roasting (literally, because in Hell, you burn), let’s get her to run for 8 hours as a relief.”
I just HATE, hate, HATE, HATE, HATE, hate, HATE that class. Oh my God.

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