30 Things I Love – Day 5 / 30

1. I love blueberry muffin.

2. I love sleeping.

3. I love going out for a walk.

4. I love that Adidas gave me a free premium subscription to Runtastic app.

5. I love how I was able to stumble upon a Youtube video on the Law of Attraction. I was just thinking about.

6. I love quotes.

7. I love celery.

8. I love steak.

9. I love pizza.

10. I love Burger King’s double whopper.

11. I love that knowing how to interact with others will eventually open doors.

12. I love the London Underground.

13. I love blackboard and chalk.

14. I love Old Spice Musk aftershave.

15. I love perfume oils.

16. I love my perfume oil diffuser.

17. I love biking.

18. I love motorcycling.

19. I love sitting on the grass.

20. I love to sit down and stare at the sky.

21. I love watching the stars.

22. I love how mixing apple cider with honey easily helps me to sleep.

23. I love watching Tony Robbins videos.

24. I love the film Sleepless in Seattle.

25. I love the film Forrest Gump.

26. I love the film Big.

27. I love the film Scarface.

28. I love The Sopranos.

29. I love The Boardwalk Empire.

30. I love Melissa McCarthy. She’s a comedic genius.

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