Bible studies

 I really haven’t read the Bible in probably two or three months, I admit.

I’m not a reliant person when it comes to maintaining a schedule. 

I’m worried If I were to suddenly die that it might be too late to make an effort to save myself, especially if I’m dead.

I have a very busy schedule that keeps me on my toes, and sometimes school seems to be more of a priority even over my own health and well being.

Im just not sure now what I want to do. A part of me is wondering if I even have the right God, which is a bit silly since Hes really the only one Ive known.

The only one I’ve prayed to who has answered my prayers.

I’m guessing its normal to question every situation or decision and idea at this age. Not just because my history class provides many lessons on other religions, but because being a teenager is a time for discovery or understanding life surrouding you.A time for learning morals and attaining any religious paths in life that involve faith, everything you need to get through to the next stage in life.

Im almost on the edge of not believing he exists, but then I question reality and how a person can have a conscious(something that is unique to you, you have it but can never give it or show it to anyone else)

How does a person have a conscious?thoughts or ways of thinking. The conscious cant be ttansferred or donated to another person, does it disappear once you die if it’s not connected physically to the body?


It could have been possible we were created in any number of scientifc theories a person brings to the table, but how does a conscious mind get there if it cant be created the same way a body can?

The brain is a blueprint that has an impact on thinking patterns or behaviors and emotions, but it doesnt exactly meet the same complexity the conscious mind has.

Functions of the human body or weather and such also dont seem to have been created randomly and seem to have required a level of thought or logic, something or someone to have created it with a thought in mind or a process.

Logically, why should we be able to reproduce?Why should we be able to have such complex systems if we were created in other ways than through God. There would be no reason. Its similarity like trying to solve a simple math problem. You learn that 2 + 2=4

Its a logical process

We dont spontaneously come to the conclusion that the problem is correct. Why would we need reproductive systems if we could be created in other ways not requiring it? 

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