Chismin’s Impulse Buy.

Chismin and I were talking about silly things last night, just casual talk. He said that he really liked dogs and cats. And birds, and snakes and mice and hamsters. I said that I’d prefer cats over all of those things. “They’re soft and fluffy, like you,” I said. And snuggles ensue.

I expected as much. What I DIDN’T expect was for Chismin to walk in with a peach-furred cat when he came over today.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t upset. I was very happy. I was just shocked when it crawled onto my lap and began sniffing my hand. Chismin thought it was cute.

We actually had a tiny argument about it. I didn’t know how well I would be able to handle a cat. He said he would help me, but I still had my doubts. Buying things for the cat won’t be a hassle, and it may even help me out, but I asked for Chismin’s help with the cat.

He still doesn’t have a name yet. Chismin and I have been trying to decide that. 

…I mean, that cat does remind me of Chismin. It’s soft and innocent and adorable. Having two Chismin’s around isn’t a bad thing at all.

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