Day 354 – Mad at teacher and report card

Wednesday, February 15th 2017

Well, today was definitely interesting.

I started with psychology, and things were the same—notes and discussions. But then French followed. I had my previous quiz given, which was a B- (what, I was so confident), and then we took our second quiz. I was furious, since I noticed in both, there are questions that she does not give us on the “homework” questions. Basically, she gives us questions about the book for us to study on, and some chapters she does not give us questions on them. She says those questions are basically notes for the quizzes, but then some questions on the quizzes are about chapters she did not ask questions on. She also told us right before our second quiz, to take notes while we read. Excuse me? Should have told us BEFORE our quizzes.

Kohai, once she is no longer sick, and I plan on discussing this with her. We want for her to either change the quizzes or change the questions she gives us as notes, so they walk hand in hand. The questions don’t need to repeat themselves onto the quiz, but she can basically ask us to study a general subject and on the quiz be more specific, and etc. Cause I know everything she asked us by heart, but the quiz requires us to remember these tiny things in chapters of two pages she basically told us to ignore.

Anyway, I had lunch and I was furiously texting Kohai about this. Her friends, which I was sitting with, complimented my hair, and I thanked them, but I was a bit too mad to say anything. One of them asked if I was okay, and I nodded. They eventually left and I just texted Kohai some more.

In art, what seems to be an uni art student came to teach us—or continue to teach, since I wasn’t there Monday—on how to draw the face. She told us to pick anyone, and I picked Percival Graves, which she approved by saying “oh, Harry Potter”, then we proceeded to smile at each other as she was walking away. That ignited the fangirl inside of me haha.

I ended the day with English and we continued reading. We also watched the beginning of a movie called “In Time”. I already watched it, but it’s really good. I remember being bored at the end and ignoring it a bit, so I’ll stick with it this time. We also got our report card, which I got 82% in math, 85% in cooking, and 95% in both programming and technology, which those are all A’s in Canada (really happy, especially cause 95% was the highest I ever got as a final grade and it’s on my two favourite classes). If I keep it up, I’ll get another 80%+ average certificate the following year for this year, which is my goal.

When I got home I started gathering proof for my French teacher and how the questions don’t relate, and then did some French homework on expressions, as well as just read a ton of old fanfiction I wrote. One of them I was really into, until I cut it short at chapter four and was sad. I really need to write more fanfiction with a lot of chapters. It’s fun reading back on them after a long time, and I’m running out of stories to look back on.

That’s all for today.


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  1. Nice, 95% in technology and programming! That’s really high actually. You are definitely up there in terms of computer and technology skills for your age. Keep it up.

    Sorry to hear about the bad quiz experience in your French class. It’s okay though.

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