I was blasted again to make another random facts about myself. Even if they don’t see it, I still did it. Easier to do here than on instagram. I was given a random number of 61. Great.

  1. One cup of coffee will wake me up, but more than two will make me sleepy.
  2. I’m a country girl per se, but although I listen to country music, I listen more to classic rock.
  3. I hate jalapeños. 
  4. I have approximately 27 bottles of antibacterial serums for hands.
  5. I put lotion on my hands after doing dishes.
  6. I burn sugar cookies each and every time I make them.
  7. My first puppy I got as a child, died from multiple rattlesnake bites.
  8. I can do tricks on horseback.
  9. I hate the color yellow.
  10. When I clean windows, they look worse afterwards then when I started.
  11. I watch a lot of muder/mystery movies and documentaries.
  12. My favorite drink now is sprite zero.
  13. I hardly ever get chapped lips.
  14. I have naturally brown hair, but I’ve dyed it blonde, black, red and one time had pink streaks.
  15. I clean the bathtub before taking a bath.
  16. I’m horrible at painting my own nails.
  17. My favorite gem stone is amethyst.
  18. Worst work out for me are push ups.
  19. One thing on my bucket list is to be surrounded by 20 to 30 puppies.
  20. I’ve given blood more than 20 times.
  21. Most painful injury I’ve ever had was my ribs being broken. Hurts to even breath.
  22. I wear a cap while working outdoors.
  23. I light a candle for my mom and brother every Friday and Saturday.
  24. Oatmeal makes me sick.
  25. My grandfather served in war world 2.
  26. I don’t get jealous, but if I think I should be or if someone is trying to make me jealous, pretty much I get out of any toxic relationship. 
  27. I know many things about certain things. I’ll never disclose it unless I’ve had enough. If I had enough, there is no repairing.
  28. First movie I ever saw in theaters was, honey I shrunk the kids.
  29. Reading sexy books will turn me on faster than a sexy movie.
  30. I’ve been jumped by 4 different women, 4 different times and even tho they had the upper hand, they didn’t attempt to jump me again. Daddy taught me well.
  31. When I was getting married to my ex husband. Daddy didn’t speak to me for a week. He was so upset he was losing me, even though he had months to prepare. First words he said to me in a week, was moments before he was to give me away and he had teary eyes and said I look beautiful. 
  32. I HATE tomatoes.
  33. I can only chew minty flavored gum.
  34. I can watch reruns of Roseanne, all day.
  35. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup until I was 15 years old.
  36. If you smoke and try to kiss me, um no.
  37. I’ve never done any type of drug.
  38. If I have a bad nightmare, I call out to anyone who is on the house, to come to me. If I’m alone, I panic.
  39. I want to start my own rescue animal shelter.
  40. I tried out to play football my freshman year. Yeah, that didn’t happen. 
  41. It’s a family tradition for me to name any new babies coming into our family. I’ve sort of let the tradition die. It’s not fair lmbo.
  42. I was so excited when I found out there were cotton candy flavored grapes. I screamed and people raced over because they thought I was having a break down.
  43. In my old house, I painted my dining room red and it took me 6 days and 7 gallons of paint.
  44. I could swim in a pool 24/7.
  45. My first paying job was at a dairy queen. Oh boy.
  46. I have very bad allergies. 
  47. Thunderstorms make me peaceful.
  48. Tall me intimidate me.
  49. When I’m holding back wanting to say something, I clear my throat.
  50. I will never lie. I may not tell you something, but I’ll never lie.
  51. I hate when people say this. (god d***) it is very ugly to say that.
  52. When Alec says fat a** or fu**er I laugh until I cry.
  53. I love to bowl.
  54. I love watching the rangers. Go beltre!!!!
  55. Earthbound is my favorite place to shop.
  56. I will never play with a ouija board.
  57. I know how to make homemade cinnamon rolls and they are a hit with everyone.
  58. When I was 12, I went to get a hair trim and they lady cut off all my long hair because she hated my sister.
  59. I want a star to be named after me.
  60. Most ticklish on my sides.
  61. I kissed a front once to see if it turned into a prince. 


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