Just another Wednesday

I have been very busy at work by closing all the cards that have been assigned to me but not sure if I’m making a big impact on the products. Spending tons of time on things like this makes me wanna do things that has bigger impact on people and I’m going for it. It’s just taking too long and getting pushed away cause people don’t want to see the long term goals. However, I will make this happen and go from there to make greater changes for everyone uses our website and any other digital product. I just feel little bad about not spending enough time on my personal improvement that I really need. This makes me feel like I’m becoming a lazy person. Still have the life goal in my mind but my body just can’t keep up with it. Maybe it’s my mind yes, more in my mind. Gotta get back to things I dream about and consistently try to make them happen and I will! Stay focused O!

Worked till almost 7 PM. Had a pretty busy day like any other days then dinner at the Wirtshaus with Kirstin. Anton gave me a ride to the restaurant. Well, good time overall. I was just getting buzzed too fast by 2 glasses of beer. Usually don’t happen at all but today it did. So weird. Maybe I’m not in a good condition today. Anyways, dinner and couple drinks there till around 9:30 PM then walked back to home. Playing around with my mini drone than shower to be ready for the bed. 11:35 PM now and I’m so ready to sleep. Well, didn’t really do anything special or memorable today but feel tired as hell. Going sleep soon. Goodnight all!

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