My life upside down

There has to be another world,

another extension of me

This can’t be it, because sometimes the hand that I am dealt

It’s guaranteed to set me behind, things I can’t foresee

And I can’t say but sometimes it is felt

That maybe I am stuck in a lapse in time

Like a dog who mindlessly chases it’s tail

I am wondering aimlessly yet stubborn

My heart is in the right place, but the essence

of my shoulder, or maybe pieces of my soul

are lost somewhere else, on a different plane

though physically it is on this dimension

and consequently I have to jump through

these hoops and scale the walls

even though to everyone else I am just an enigma

A little eccentric, I live too much inside my head

I follow my heart too often and in a third

dimensional time plane that seems to be


And so I must admit that deep down

there are seeds of fear that I refuse to

cultivate, refuse to see them through to


For in doing so, I know I have given up

I need to see this through to the end

I am trying to reclaim STRENGTH

Happiness, a little bit of peace

So despite what your meaningless tests dictate

My heart is saying something else

Maybe thinking too much for an outer resolution

Will still the destruction of an inner conflict

Whatever that may be


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