Thoughts for today

Some kid at school asked me if I was gay. I started making dying seal noises and he quickly walked away.

I’m an ace of spades, that’s who I am. Most likely an aromantic one, too. Or hetero-romantic, depending on the situation.

Actually, don’t know if I should tell this to anyone… but enough with hiding – I’m not a boy. Not really, anyway. I’m an intersex person – meaning I was born as neither a boy nor a girl. It happens once in 1,500 births and, I must say, is quite inconvenient. 

Now, as some of you might think, I am not transgender. I feel like a boy, but I’m actually neither. That might be the reason I’m ace. 


Today was fine, I guess. I was cuddling with Chinchilla after school and eating sweets. Then I just had a few cups of tea and a LOT of chocolate. And mints. And a milkshake. And then I fell asleep, and when I woke up I started this blog. Fortunately, I did all my homework on the bus, so I guess I can have some more sweet things. 

Oh, and Amy went to her friend’s house. She had been here for, what, a month? – and already made a gazillion friends. I’ve been living here for 16 years and only have Peeve, Chili, and maybe, just maybe – Amy. 


That’s it, I think. I’ll write something else if there’s anything to write.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts for today”

  1. Aww, so you named your cat Chinchilla? I don’t think you mentioned that before. That’s an adorable name.

    And it’s alright that you think you don’t have many friends. I think…. we’re kind of friends, aren’t we? Internet friends, kind of. Unless you don’t want to be….

  2. @PrettyInBlack
    Of course we’re friends <3

  3. @RebelDemon everyone has to do it at one time or another xD

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