Valentines day?

One of the days that I don’t really care about for awhile. Maybe cause I have not had a girlfriend for awhile but still I don’t care about Valentines day. It’s just an another day for me. However, I felt completely different today cause of things I’m surrounded with. People look more happier or the other way and lots of flowers lol. Work was good nothing really special than flowers and people getting work earlier than usual. Busy as usual I really feel like I need somebody to work together. Got off at little bit after 6 PM then had a dinner with Nikita at Corner’s bakery. Headed out to DTLA for skating Tuesday. Got to skate about 8 miles but skate ended earlier than usual due to small number of people who came out for skating. Still bette than nothing. Back home early today, took a shower then a Korean movie before I go to sleep.

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