Another Day, with Mom

I don’t think that I can get used to watching my mother fall into the world of dementia. It’s hard, she seems to want to tell me all about the actions of others in my childhood.

Today, she asked me, “did you love your father?” To which, I told her, I was daddy’s little girl, I loved him very much. But, I also knew about his temper. Then she told me how my oldest brother got all those scars on his back. Apparently my father used the belt on him. That would explain him leaving home at a young age. Wait, all my siblings left at a young age….I remained at home.

Mom also told me about how dad treated her. And I told her, I knew that….I lived there, I grew up there, I know this stuff.  I am not sure what to do with all that is going on with her.  Am, I doing the right things?  I tell myself, as long as she takes care of herself, she can remain living alone. She does have friends in the same building that look in on her a lot. I am thankful for that.

My daughter seems to be doing well lately, I a very proud of her.

Tomorrow my grandson turns 10 years old….man, time flies.

I fall more and more in love with my guy. He has a way of easing my pains, and my sadness. He has brought me to life again, its great! Such sunshine to my life, that’s for sure. My daughter says I have such a glow to my eyes again, for that I am thankful. I thank God each day, for bringing him into my life.

That’s about it for me, for today….

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  1. Hello, my name is Nikki.

    I just want to say I am sorry for wherever your mom and you going through, I can’t help you or promise you anything, but I know God is there and he will use you in your mom’s life.

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