Be gone, episode list. Haven’t written in 5 days but life moves

Going to quit the episode list, my life is too mundane.

Since the 12th, I’ve gotten ill. Cold or flu or something, I don’t know.

I’ve been out again to London. I met the most beautiful woman, the unfortunate problem was that I was a little too drunk and didn’t ask for her number. I got a picture with her too, theres no way I’ll ever find her again. I lost my glasses last night. I slept on a bench till 6am before getting the train home.

 After a short sleep, we were back out on the lash again! This time in my town. Got so drunk, had a huge headache. I prefer London I think.

So I met up with the girl I’ve been seeing for the last 6 weeks. I assumed some things wrong about her – I thought she wanted to settle down, have a boyfriend etc. Turns out she doesn’t, she likes me, enjoys her time with me and would like to continue to hangout and be friends but if I don’t want to be in an exclusive relationship then thats fine I just should not tell her and vice-versa.

I really like this girl on campus, but shes a little young, 19. She knows I like her, randomly I met up with her and two other girls last night, literally one of the first questions they asked was about the girl I’ve been seeing ‘hows your girlfriend’ I dont even have one!

So I think im looking to settle down in 3-4-5 years.

So what’s my plans? Going out tonight with work colleagues, work all weekend, back to Uni next week and meeting up with the One night stand girl from last Friday when I was in London. I want to see where things go.

Living day by day my friend.

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