Big Bad Ben.

 That’s our cats full name, “Big Bad Ben”. We usually nickname him Big Bad or Ben. Chismin and I both came up with the name, and I love it. Ben may be soft and innocent, but jeez, is he puffy and, like, 70% fluff. I love him very much, even if I may not be too used to waking up with a fluffy ball of cute laying next to me every morning. Oh, and Ben too.

Speaking of which, Chismin keeps purposefully tickling my neck with his fur. He thinks it’s cute when I giggle. I think it’s a little embarrassing. I’d rather just him laying on my stomach, and me underneath as I rub his back. Those moments are always the most peaceful.

We, err.. we’ve been making out more. Every time we do, I can’t speak for a good hour. Again, Chismin thinks it’s cute. He’s been getting a lot more… “friendly”. I don’t really mind that, honestly.

Just… we should keep Ben innocent.

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  1. You really should. Children shall stay out of this huehuehue

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