Day 21- All or Nothing

Febuary 17, 2017

So I went to my meeting that I have to do, I don’t want to make it to public but it’s a volunteer gig. I should have never signed up and I have been procrastinating on dorm stuff. I am so stressed because I don’t know what I’m doing and I feel like I’m just supposed to know, I am just trying but dying. So I’ve been stressed.

plus I haven’t been drinking soda for 5 weeks not fast food exercising everyday and not one pound lost for 5 weeks. My motivation is slowly leaving me…. I’ve just this morning ate chips. 

I was feeling so good and now I can feel myself barely wanting to get out of bed. It’s so aggravating. I can tell my husband sees a difference but he’s been supportive and not talking about it directly. I just feel ugh …. Like there’s no reason if I don’t understand things. Idk I’m scattered and all I know is I haven’t been writing in this journal, nothing’s working and I just feel anxious .

TashaOut 😘

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