Day 355 – Nope.

Thursday, February 16th 2017

Oh no you don’t.

First class I had was French, and that class ignited a fire inside of me for the remainder of the day.

I decided not to follow through with telling her about the quizzes. I saw the homework questions seemed to now touch more chapters and I didn’t see any result in confronting her… But she gave me a new reason to do so again.

Basically, she will be participating in an event against students during our class tomorrow. You can go see this event if you pay for tickets. Anyone can from any class or grade (or at least high schoolers). She told us to all come support her, and pay for tickets (2$, not a lot, but still money), which the majority said yes, but I don’t wanna go, nor does someone else and Kohai. She told us that since we are so little people, she can’t get a substitute teacher, nor can she put us in the cafeteria or library, so we should just pay for a ticket and go to the event. She’ll be taking attendance at the event.

Excuse me. No. You are not forcing me to pay for an event that is optional and that I’m not interested in, because I rather catch up on work.

I tried confronting her and she just told me to get the ticket because it’s a fundraiser for students, she can’t get the sub, etc. I don’t care, I have work to do! You can’t force students to pay for something they have the right to refuse! 

I just said “okay”, cause I was on the verge of tears. I’ve always had a problem speaking to teachers and nearly crying every time, but I overcame that in late 9th/early 10th grade. It happened this time, because when I’m mad my emotions are much more vulnerable… Regardless, I take action later, I just have to write about the rest of the day.

I picked my classes for next year during psychology class. I was confused with the program we were using to chose our classes, so I asked a teacher. He asked what career I’m going into and when I said animation, he told me he’s working on making an animation class with some projects for the school, he just needs approval! In that moment I didn’t react much, but a few minutes later I got really excited. He told me to talk to him about it in September. I think I’ll remember, I just don’t know if he will haha. And I think he’s also the teacher I made sports posters for. Hm. Makes sense he’s making that class then.

For my classes I picked programming university level, technology communications, English uni, French uni, math statistics, visual arts, the writer’s craft (English writing such as essays, short stories, poems, etc.), a study period and as an alternative, human development (psychology). Really excited—also noticed that the French university that’s my second choice doesn’t require portfolios anymore? Very odd. Maybe the program isn’t popular there, so they’ll accept anyone. I have to make one for my first choice anyway.

At lunch I sat with two of my closest friends and we discussed about our careers. 

In English class we continued reading, talked about propaganda and researched examples.

I finished with art and I drew some eyes and a practice character, but that’s it. I was kinda bored and too busy thinking about French.

At home I talked to my dad about careers and my classes, then explained the French situation. With the help of my mum we wrote an email (I needed her help since my French grammar is awful), asking my teacher to give us options, since I’m not participating in the event along with Kohai. Kohai did not hesitate to stand by my side <3

She did not respond yet. It’s currently 10:45. If she does not respond at all and tomorrow there’s no substitute, then I’ll have to explain to the administration, and she’ll get in trouble. I sent her an email so she wouldn’t get in trouble, to give her a chance/warning about what she’s doing, but there’s nothing I can do. It’s either she responds to the email and offers us options, does not and I tell the administration, or else she’ll put me absent and it’ll be as if I skipped class, which, no thanks. I did not get detention at all since like, 2nd grade or something, and I don’t want it for this ridiculous reason.

I also did some homework in the evening (French homework, which was funny to me) and I tried drawing, but I wasn’t too motivated, so nothing ended up right.

That’s all for today.


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