Feburary 17th/ Started taking medicine again

I had been off from any medication for a couple of weeks but I had been feeling really bad. I started taking some again yesterday. I don’t see that much of the diffrence yet. Hope it works for me soon..

My morning ritual day 120

1) Write down 3 acts of gratitude

I am grateful that I slept a lot. I am grateful I had picnic at the park. I am grateful that I could enjoy the warm weather outside yesterday.

2)Write one positive experience within 24 hours. We had a picnic yesterday at the flower garden. I saw some beautiful trees there. It was a nice relaxing day. 🙂

3)Exercise for 15 minutes   I did 30 minutes yoga

4) Meditation   I did  meditation for 2 minutes.

5)Write a letter to someone or something to express gratitude

Dear the library , I appreciate I can check out books written in English. You have a lot of selections. I love reading. Thank you!🙂

How is my day going so far

5:00 Got up/ Soy latte

7:00 Yoga

8:00 Breakfast/ yogurt, egge and apples

10:00 Snack/ Sweet potato and chocolate

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