Friday February 17th

Yesterday was my birthday. I spent it on a marathon field trip to Washington DC. I had to get up at 4:30 am and Uber to school. I couldn’t wait on the train- I was afraid I’d be late. I was told to be at school at 5:20 and that we were leaving promptly at 6:00. We didn’t leave until after 6:30. It was very disorganized and chaotic. For some reason, they changed all the groups at the last minute. I looked at my group, etc.  info before I left on Wednesday, and that was not at all who I actually had on Thursday. We didn’t get back until near 10pm. I was falling asleep on the bus. I am not usually able to sleep anywhere but my bed- literally- not even on my couch, but I was THAT tired that I was falling asleep sitting up on the bus. I was so damned happy to make it home! Today is another fucked up schedule day where I don’t get my regular planning periods. Luckily, the kids haven’t been terrible. Possibly because they are tired, too. I still have one more class to go. 

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