Nightmare Limbo

Feathers, sap covered;

unable to fly.

Once before but not anymore.

Plucked by bitterness sitting heavy like a sting on the tongue.

I’m done.

Blinded many of times,

I cried like the boy before wolves,

lost of words to say.

I can’t play.

Repeating animosity because of the hope of serenity.

Lacking questions even when the story is playing.

The track is being tested, and now I’m lost in mind.

It’s over,

I’m done,

I’m done,

I’m done.


but the nightmare just begun.

I can’t be done,

there’s no where to run…

Nightmarish Limbos takes its course.

Lacking motion when it’s forced.

My eyes can not deceive me.

I’m stuck in my MIND.

There is no SERENITY

2 thoughts on “Nightmare Limbo”

  1. This is so relatable to me.
    I was immediately catched by the title.
    It’s been at least a year that I’m having nightmares every single night.
    This post is so relatable it hurts.
    Thank you.

  2. Aya, love, I want you to know that I am here for you. I too have struggles, and yet I strive. You will strive too. I hope you see this. Know that this trouble you are going through is only one. Do not let one trouble control you. Let all of your peace, joy, and love guide you. I will be here as an ally and fight alongside you.
    All the love~

    — Meka ❤ ❤

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