Spaenex, 23, 4’2”. Hello! Crazy made this blog for Maryn, Orbit and I. Awfully sweet of him, considering how he’s been as of late. He seems a lil under the weather, but Orbit’s been helpin’ him out.

As for me, I’m busy with a project I’ve been commissioned for. I’m a work-at-home mechanic living in Jibberish Jungle, and I must say, it’s not very fun. This is the only commission I’ve gotten in months, and I do not plan to let my client down!

Where was I? Ah, Cray. He’s been a lil down  as of late because his Hetder-X has been acting up. Hetder-X is a mental condition he has and lately, it hasn’t been very kind to him. Hope he feels better.

Anyways, uhh… bye!

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