Totally lonely

 I moved to another country , it’s been half year already. I feel so fricking lonely in this city where I don’t know a single soul. I have few friends here , but they all live in pretty far cities from me , at least 50 km. Besides, I left my true friends in Italy , where I was born and I was raised until now. I do really miss them, specially my best friend. I wish I had someone like her here. Someone who lives in the same city as me and whom I can call whenever I want , or who I can just text “hey , would you go with me to the library , I need to buy a book”, just someone who spent some time with. I feel helpless in this city , I feel this city very far from me , as if I wasn’t living here , I feel I’m wasting my life because I cannot help but stay in bed since I’m so sad , I hate growing up. How can I meet new people? I’m graduated already so no chances of school friendships . I wish I’ve never moved here. But I really didn’t have a choice. And now I’m here , on a Friday night , wondering what should I do , since I have no one to meet up with.

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  1. Hi! I agree with halaskyblue, you should get out of your shell and start exploring your new place. There’s no use in sulking and shutting yourself in your room. Its the best time for you to meet new people and explore new things. Don’t limit yourself and get yourself stuck.

    Your friendly journal neighborhood.

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