Almost There

One and a half hours to go… the minutes are dragging by. Deedee says she is not excited and promises to loath the dog, but she was up at 7:30 am. So was Snooch & The Man. I guess they are too excited to sleep. Not me. I could have slept til 10:30, rolled out of bed, took a shower, and then hit the road.

I think we have all the appropriate supplies. We put the puppy crate right next to the cat crate. The cats have been in and out of it all morning. They know something is up, it is very obvious by their facial expressions, but only Andy is worried.

Andy is smart like that. He notices any change in his environment, no matter how subtle. He doesn’t like it when something seems different. Tyrion and Jake could care less. Tyrion grabbed a dog bone out of Rascal’s cage last night and curled up with it in the livingroom. I guess Tyrion approves of all the new dog stuff. Now we can’t find the missing toy. Good thing Rascal is a hound dog.

One and a half hours to go & I still need to shower…

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