I’m behind on my journal. Sigh. To continue my therapy and be successful with it, I must continue.

So it’s Friday night and many people are here. I almost feel crowded. Sometimes I just want to be alone. I miss that part of my life. 

I lived alone, by choice, for some years. I worked ungodly hours and so it was great to go home and have peace and quiet. I’d come home, kick off my shoes at the door and feel peace. Sometimes I would cook me a meal or go straight to the bathroom for a long hot bath. I loved sitting at my bar with some wine, a lit candle and the meal I had prepared. I’d think about my day or the days coming. Climb in my big, comfortable and relax. 

I never was lonely. I had people stop by or my phone would always be lit up from people wanting to go do something. I was never scared to live alone. I won’t lie, there were some nights a noise or something scared me. My brothers always made sure I had many locks and a security system.  I would also lock my bedroom door when I was going to go to sleep. I had dogs outside that alerted me if something was out there. So I always felt okay.

Now there are always people around. The only person that lives around here that gives me space is Frankie. She doesn’t push or intrude on my personal space. 

So I’ve taken this moment to take some time for myself. It won’t be long until the girl come looking for me and that’s okay. 

Girls are crazy sometime. Lmbo. What happen to just chilling and watching tv or listening to music. Sigh. They are coming. I hear the Ohhh danni. And where’s Amanda? Help me. Hahaha.

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