Day 18 – 30 Days of Discipline

I’m not always the nicest wife to live with. I’m demanding, a clean freak, slightly OCD and sometimes moody (yes only sometimes 😉), and yet Jim always treats me like a princess. He has been with me though some pretty bad stuff and he has never waivered or treated me unkind. Oh sure, we’ve had our differences and some knock down drag out fights over the years, but he always stands beside me and fiercely protects me.

I get caught up in my selfishness more often than not and forget how truly blessed I am to have him as my partner. Who else would put up with me? He never asks for anything of me, except some cooking and maybe wash the dishes, but even that is delivered with kindness.

Today was his birthday, so I took time to be thankful for him, to look at him with the kindness he looks at me with. I saw all the love, beauty and life we have lived together. I treated him with the honour and respect he deserves. 

I realize I have to learn more discipline in my thoughts towards him. He is never malice in his words or actions; he only wants the best for me and his girls and he will stop at nothing to protect us.

Happy Birthday baby, I love you. ❤

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