Day 356

Saturday, February 17th 2017

Passed midnight, so technically the 18th. Can’t believe I nearly forgot to post an entry. Anyway, I’ll go quickly since I was about to fall asleep.

I started off with art. We read a comic book (although intended to be a manga, but was more of a comic with an attempted manga art style), that someone made and fill out a Google spreadsheet about it. It was okay, I mean, it’s not bad for a first try.

I then had English and we continued watching In Time.

At lunch I sat with my close friend and she curled and dyed her hair! I recommended the day before that she should use a curler, since she doesn’t use any heat stuff on her hair, not even a straightener. It looked really nice, especially the red shade she had.

Kohai joined us and explained that our French teacher put us in a class and she’d give us work. Good.

I then had psychology and we watched a documentary about how far a person would electrocute someone if put under authority and other pressures. Most of them failed, horribly. They’d hesitate, but end up killing. Of course no one actually died, but still. Makes you think if you didn’t know about it being an expirement if you would do it or not. Now you’ll never know, cause you know it is one. Though, I’m fairly certain I’d stop, cause I can’t put someone under that much pain. I can’t even slightly punch someone in the shoulder when they ask me to.

I then had French class and I did some grammar work. We weren’t alone, since 3 other people in our class also didn’t go. One of them kept coming up to me for math help, which I remembered even if it was last semester, surprisingly. Kohai eventually joined in, since she’s better at explaining.

At home I worked on Megg’s gift and on the server.

That’s all for today.

Later edit : Oh, and of course I spoke to Megg. I forgot to mention, because I was rushing things and I was on the verge of falling asleep.

We talked about YouTube and gave each other tips for our channels. He also talked about his job and he recommended for me to make an entry in French, which I will on September 25th, journée de la francophonie, if I remember. 

I enjoyed our talk.

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