Finally a good week

This week has been very great!

I got a job AND an internship! And I’m finally starting being productive again. I feel great.
The internship makes me feel excited and a bit nervous at the same time. It will be my first time standing in front of the class and actually teaching kids stuff. And because the school is in an area where a lot of more wealthy people live, my internship ‘boss’ actualy warned me that the students will treat me as their own staff at the beginning. Some of those kids never hear a ‘no’ in their life. But he did place me at a very noce(to him) class he said, so I guess I shouldn’t think of them as too bad.

The job I got makes me very excited too! The restaurant is placed at a very nice location and my future colleuges are very nice people. The manager there said he was vere excited to hire me because I am one of very few students who also has time to work during the week and not only on the weekend. Can’t wait to make money.

Also I will be flying to Israël in 2 weeks for a school trip(SO EXCITED AAAHHH) and learn a lot about judaism and christianity. I will probalbly write about it every day as long as I’m there.

This week has been a very busy and productive one and I’m actually kind of proud of myself 🙂

p.s. I’m kind of stuck listening to the soundtrack music from the Disney movie ‘Moana’. I saw the film 2 months ago and it was so good! The animation and music was very beautiful, 10/10

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