My goals/Middle of the month report in Feburary

I think I am on a good pace. I have done all the weekly goals. I dont think I would have a problem to finish any monthly goals either.  🙂

My weekly goals

By 5th  Finish the book / done on 3rd

By 12th Complete 30days Yoga challenge/ done 11th

By 19th Publish an online book / done 5th ( Actually I have published 2 so far!)

By26nd Finish the Kanji book page 41/ done 18th

January monthly goals

4 times 5k or 30 minutes runs  / I have done 3 days so far

2 times swimming/ One day so far

4 movies/ watched 3 movies

6 restaurants ( including fast food)  went to 4 places

finish 2 books   Finished one so far


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